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FileFlyer Affiliate Out Payments and General Overview

What is the FileFlyer Affiliate Program?

FileFlyer is a one-click storage service that helps users overcome email limitations. The service lets users upload large files and then send their friends a link to the files.

The Affiliate Program is an opportunity for you to earn money by telling your friends about FileFlyer download pages. These pages can host several files that users can download.

When do I earn money as an Affiliate?

While the FileFlyer service is made available free of charge, there are periods when there is very high demand for the service and it is then available only to users who purchase an access code.

During these periods users have two options. They can purchase a High Priority Access Code and receive guaranteed, immediate access to the service, or they can wait until the load on the service decreases and free access to the server returns.

High Priority Access codes make the service available at all times subject to the conditions of the code. Codes are available for different time periods and different download limits. For additional details please see the table below.

As a FileFlyer affiliate you generate unique links to FileFlyer download pages. When users follow your links, and then purchase a High Priority Access Code, you will receive 10% of the revenue generated by the purchase.

Please refer to the FileFlyer Affiliate Program Terms of Use for complete details.

How do users purchase High Priority Access Codes?

When the FileFlyer service is under heavy loads, users who purchased a High Priority Access Code are guaranteed access to the service. The user can use a Credit Card, or send an SMS (where available) to pay for the service.

5GB Download limit 48 hour time period
10GB Download limit 48 hour time period
20GB Download limit One week time period
20GB Download limit One month time period (Recurring billing)

* Prices and methods of payment may vary by country.

How do I become an Affiliate?

It takes just a few moments to create a free account, and there are no sign-up fees or costs. All you need to get started is a working PayPal account. The money you earn will be transferred to this account making it easy to get started right away.

Click here to create an account.

Where can I see my earnings from the program?

The amount of money you have earned is listed on your FileFlyer Affiliate Earnings Report. From here you can see your Total Earnings and your earnings that are Ready for Payment.

Total Earnings: This value represents all of the payments that have accrued in your account and are awaiting processing and clearance by our vendors and partners. Payments can take several months before they clear and are forwarded to FileFlyer.

Ready for Payment: This value represents an estimation of all of the payments that have been forwarded to FileFlyer and have been processed and can be passed on to you. You will receive these payments once a month if they total more than $50 US. If not, they will roll over to the next month until they reach $50.

When do I receive payments from FileFlyer?

The FileFlyer Affiliate program issues payments once a month directly to the PayPal account associated with the email address you used to create your account.

FileFlyer only issues payments that are listed as Ready for Payment in your Earnings Report, and only when these payments total at least $50 US. If not, they will roll over to the next month until they reach $50 US.

Payments will be issued to you in US dollars.

FileFlyer Affiliate Out Payment Overview | FileFlyer Affiliate Program Terms of Use